Great for a full meditation

Greatly improves your posture and comfort level in the meditation practice and cares for ligaments, joints and muscles, it also maintains the back erected.

 Health and comfort in an only product.

This cushion has a compact support that takes care of the meditator’s posture and has a soft touch cover.

The use of the meditation cushion «Comfort meditation» allows a perfect posture of the back and head, this alignment naturally supports your body, the back, shoulders, neck and head assume a comfortable upright posture reducing stress on all these body parts for a perfect meditation-

A practical and comfortable bag is included to carry your cushion if you meditate in different places or if you travel, it also has a pocket to wear phone, keys,…

Most helpful customer reviews

«Since I use Perfect Meditation cushion, I find a better and full meditation, physical discomfort has disappeared

«George A.V.—

«It’s the Ferrari of the meditation cushions»

Enrique B.

«If It had existed when I started to meditate, I would have bought two.»

Andrea N.

  • 1. Especially good to enjoy a full and healthy meditation.
  • 2. If you are a beginner, it provides you a natural posture, avoiding tensions, if you already meditate favors concentration and longer meditation
  • 3. Suitable for people with limited flexibility
  • 4. Soft and washable cover. Practical transport bag is included. Weith less than 1.5 kg4.
  • 5. Combine it with 100% natural wood meditation capa COMFORT (see photo)